\ ˈprä-spər
cause to succeed or thrive

Growth + Impact

A marketing agency that will stand with you to achieve your greatness

\ ˈprä-spər
cause to succeed or thrive

Growth + Impact

A marketing agency that will stand with you to achieve your greatness

Who We Are

A marketing agency with the heart to see your vision and the tools to get you there. Our team is ready to bring you to the next level.

Meet The Founder

Thomas Edward believes everyone can prosper.

Thomas knew adversity from the jump. His mother’s brain injury occurred before he was born, and he spent years being her primary caretaker until she passed in 2020. Inspired by the way she carried love through years of hardship, Thomas strides forward with a fierce belief that everyone is spectacular. Drawing on an MIT education and six years of public service in Everglades restoration, Thomas has built a marketing agency with a high technical proficiency and a strong commitment to customer service. Prosper Media is an agency with a mindful culture and a mission to help individuals and brands achieve their maximum impact. We give back with every transaction by supporting non-profits making a difference in the world.

People, Planet, Prosper

We can all thrive together.

A portion of every Prosper Media sale will benefit Inner City Innovators, a non-profit organization which provides inner city youth with anti-violence workshops and mentoring to empower them to be the change in their communities.


Make sure your marketing dollars go farthest by using sound strategy. Book a call with us to develop a game plan specific to your needs.


You can’t put a price on credibility. Press can help build your brand and establish you as an authority in your space. Let’s get your story out there.

Social Growth

Stay relevant in the new era of brand- building on social media. We help you build a major presence on the big social platforms to stand apart in your industry.

Paid Media

Our team brings over $10 million in ad spend experience. We help you leverage each dollar spent in media buying to acquire more and better clients.​


Get massive exposure in minutes by leveraging our extensive network of influencers. Connecting with people’s idols gives you a whole new level of social proof.


Good brand creative goes beyond design and copywriting. It takes hours of split- testing and identifying the most effective content. We make sure you don’t have to wing it with your brand. ​


Everyone is trying to stand out on the internet. Our network and strategy help you obtain the highest level of social media credibility – verification.

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